Topics of interest for workshop submissions include (but are not limited to)

  • Programming experiences porting applications in any scientific domain
  • Compiler and runtime support for current and emerging architectures (e.g. heterogeneous architectures, low-power processors
  • Experiences in implementing compilers for accelerator directives on newer architectures
  • Language-based extensions and its prototype for directive-based programming model
  • Abstract handling of complex/heterogeneous memory hierarchies
  • Extensions to and shortcomings of current directives for heterogeneous systems
  • Comparisons against lower or higher level abstractions
  • Application performance evaluation, validation and lessons learnt
  • Modeling, verification and performance analysis tools
  • Auto-tuning and optimization strategies
  • Parallel computing using hybrid programming paradigms (e.g. MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, OpenSHMEM)
  • Asynchronous execution and scheduling (task based approaches)
  • Scientific libraries interoperability with directive based models

Workshop Important Deadlines:

  • will be announced

Paper Proceedings


Paper Submission Guidelines

  • tbd.

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